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    Born in Saragossa, Spain in 1956

He studied Advertising, Marketing, Psichology, Indutrial Desing and Art.

Finishing college, Yus spent two years travelling, most of the time at the foot of the Himalaya. This time and experience are what leads him definitely on the path of art. The beauty and sensations absorbed must be transmitted and reflectd palstically.

the style it is formed, the shocking discovery, of,  Zao Wou-Ki Chinese painter settled in Paris, one of the great fathers of abstract expressionism. he stayed learning with him for two years.

For Yus, the Art, every picture or every poem, are small connections with the Great Nature, which once belonged to the human species.

It is the intent of passing, a visionary flash through the sensibility itself.

Sensitivity worked, living for long periods of time in the mountains and te cities, trying to understand philosophies of all cultures and loving beautiful creatures.

joining, uniting all of this, letting flow, there is the essence that moves, communicates and transcend.







Estudio YUS // C/ Coso 129 // 50.001  // Zaragoza/Saragossa/Saragosse // España/Spain/Espagne


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